Homeostasis Massage Therapy

Massage Benefits

Physical Benefits

Homeostasis, or balance is the ultimate goal in bodily function. Stress pulls us out of balance and causes our bodies to operate in a survival mode, emphasizing key survival functions like breathing and maintaining vital organ function while restricting other system functions. As a result, less blood is sent to non-essential muscles so you may feel tension or tightness in muscles in your neck, shoulders, or limbs, or experience differences in bodily function such as digestion. Massage stimulates blood flow, which allows muscles to relax and improves circulation. Improved circulation allows muscles and bodily systems to function at their highest level, helping to restore homeostasis. Deep breathing is also essential to ensuring highly oxygenated blood is circulated through the body.


Emotional Benefits

Homeostasis, or balance, is the ultimate goal in bodily function. Homeostasis within the mind, body and spirit is also the ultimate goal in emotional wellness. Stress pulls us out of balance both physically and emotionally. Safe, non-judgmental and intentional touch is nurturing, reduces stress and is important for connection & emotional well-being. Massage allows you to emotionally reconnect with your body, helping you ground into yourself and reuniting mind, body and spirit. Connecting mind, body and spirit allows you to align your thoughts, your actions and your sense of self to restore emotional balance.


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