Homeostasis Massage Therapy

Physical & Emotional Safety

Physical & Emotional Safety

Safe, non-judgmental and intentional touch is imperative to ensure physical and emotional safety. Everyone has different needs when it comes to physical and emotional safety. I believe that the common baseline is consent. For that reason, I ask permission to begin prior to starting each session. My practice is mobile, meaning that I come to you for your appointment. This can be comforting for clients who are uncomfortable with the idea of going to a facility for massage, or leaving home for their session.

Physical & emotional safety must be mutual and is essential for myself as well as my clients. Massage therapy and bodywork are non-sexual in nature and intended only for relaxation and therapeutic purposes. Sexual innuendo, jokes, or advances will not be tolerated and will result in the session being ended immediately. Sessions terminated due to inappropriate behavior will NOT be refunded.

The physical health & safety of my clients is important. I conduct a health history with new clients to ensure massage will be safe, and health updates prior to each subsequent session. To ensure the physical health & safety of my clients, I wear a mask during appointments and I sanitize my table and all equipment after every client.


Emotional Release

Muscles hold memory and bodywork can trigger certain emotions to be released. Emotional releases are rare yet absolutely normal. Every emotional release is different and can include laughter, arousal, sadness/crying, and an urge to talk during the whole session. As your massage therapist, I will hold space for you as you process what you’re feeling and continue with the session as planned, unless you wish to stop.